Alan Robinson Glass

Stained Glass Design

New Commissions are unique designs created by Alan Robinson for you. Each Stained Glass Panel is designed to fit a particular space, following detailed consultation.

Typically a first meeting will discuss your general ideas, practical issues and budget.

From this, I will create some sketch designs and provide an initial estimate. Further meetings will look at glass samples, fitting issues and refining the design.

Once a final design and cost has been agreed, a timescale for production is arranged. Sometimes a 25% deposit is required for material outlays, with the balance payable on completion.

Garden Flowers 2022

Door light

Waterbirds - bathroom window

A replacement stair window in North Berwick, showing local scenes. The original window was taken out and a new frame constructed, following the original pattern. this was first fitted with double glazed units and then my leaded glass was fitted in front. 1.2m x 2.6m

"I cannot tell you how much I absolutely love the window!  It is just perfect.  It is exactly what I had in mind, and is such an amazing piece of art!  The colours are amazing and send lovely shades onto the walls when the sun shines."
- Customer feedback




Alan Robinson Glass, produces unique contemporary and traditional Stained Glass to the highest craftmanship. Alan is a visual artist and designer with a Degree in Fine Art.

Alan Robinson Glass specialises in designing and making dramatic, original stained glass. We work closely with clients throughout Scotland to achieve their vision and reflect their design choices.  We have considerable experience and expertise in repairing, restoring or reproducing, historic stained glass windows.

We take pride in our close working relationship with our customers and provide a start to finish service, alongside a problem-solving approach to whatever challenges each commission brings.

Stair Window - double glazed units

Peacock Window

2.35m x 1.02m - Etched, painted and silver stained glass. Completed in April 2018 for St. Ninian's High School, Glasgow. Original design by Alan Robinson.


Traditional Stained Glass Windows (Leaded Lights) can last for hundreds of years, but they are adversely affected by vibration, physical damage, shrinkage and expansion due to temperature changes, pollution, or water damage.

This leads to broken leads, failing lead cement, loose and broken glass and a build up of deposits. The 'saddle bars' (metal rods tied to the panel with wire) can become detached, losing their effectiveness as supports. The glass itself can be broken or missing.

Original Designs by AR Glass

Reproduction Painted Glass

Replacement stair window - AR Glass original design in Victorian style 2020

Cafe, Stockbridge - Restoration

Gleneagles Hotel - x6 Leaded Screens